Without music, our lives would be downright boring. Be it a party, a dinner with your loved ones or for work, music has always come to rescue us.

Our smartphones and the internet have made it super easy to find the music that we like, enjoy the genres that we love and purchase the songs we wish to. With things being mere taps away, the primary concern at this point is, which app to use?

With a host of music applications and wondrous websites, there is more to music applications and streaming websites than Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music. Here, at https://snurl.com/, you will find a list of some of the most useful music applications. From streaming to downloading, there is a host of applications that would help you find your music and enjoy it.

5 Underrated Music Apps Your Phone Needs Now!

  1. Shazaam!
    Yes, the application is popular and shares the name of a Marvel Superhero. And truth be told, this application will your music’s superhero as well. Available on Android as well as iPhones, this beauty of an application allows you to find songs.
    Next time you are at a party or hear a song you like dancing to, open this application and hit on the Shazaam button to record the song. Once the song is recorded, the application will give you the name of the song, the artist and a video. The application also allows you to find lyrics and related songs! What a treat this application is for music lovers!
  2. Musixmatch
    This particular application is a Godsend to all music lovers. Apart from the fact that you can hook it up to your Apple Music or Spotify account, the application gives you lyrics right away. 
    What’s more, is that this application can also offer you translated lyrics to songs from different languages and serves as the perfect social media platform for sharing music. And that is not even the best part!
    This application is free and can be found for both Android and Apple users!
  3. Band of the Day
    Initially this was only available for Apple users. However, this application can be downloaded on Android smartphones as well. The beauty of this application is that it allows you to explore bands.
    With a calendar-style grid, this application allows you to jump back in the archives and allows you to go through the bands of a particular day. What’s more is that you can listen to a full-length song from the band that you choose, without any ads. You can go through the videos and the biographies of the bands as well.
  4. Sonarflow
    Sonarflow makes the journey of discovering new music pleasing, appealing and rewarding. The biggest attraction of this application is that it is more of a visual journey. Furthermore, the application suggests a list of new artists, songs and genres in respect to the music you have on your device.
    If that is not enough for you, then wait until you use the Discovery Mode on this application. Available for both Android and Apple users, this application makes your journey easy and flexible!
  5. Qello Concerts
    Qello Concerts is a one-of-a-kind application. Feeling bummed that you could not catch your favorite band’s concert?
    No matter, this application has you covered. You can stream full-length music concerts online without a hitch!

4 Music applications for Musicians to make their journey easier!

  1. Backtrackit
    This is one of the best applications to use if you have trouble finding which key the song is on. The application breaks down a song for you and helps you find which cords are played throughout a song.
  2. Pitched Tuner
    Keeping your guitar tuned could be a hard job. This application allows you to tune your guitar to the correct notes.
  3. Remixlive
    Ever wondered what your music would sound like when it is done? Remixlive allows you to mix beats, loops and helps you save the song in MP3 format. Easy to use, this makes remixing a delight for all.
  4. Road Trip
    For bands who are trying to get to different cities and perform, this application is nothing short of a blessing. Through this app, you can get in touch with other bands who are on the road and find an economical road trip!

With the above-listed applications, you can enjoy your journey in the music world better than before.